Zaituna Bay, Beirut


Zaitunay Bay “Beirut Marina” is the finest bustling leisure destination in Beirut’s central district overflowing with 13 restaurants and cafes, along with retail shops and large outdoor seating areas. Accessible to the general public, tourists and locals can stroll along the waterside upper and lower promenades, enjoying a large selection of dining menus, concerts, cultural festivals as well as exhibitions, and several other celebrations. Tourists can also take pleasure in walking across the wooden rail next to the fancy yachts and benefit from water sports, fishing, diving, and yachting opportunities at the two activity centers in the area. In fact, being next to the sea and enjoying the sea breeze while taking pictures of yacht collections and charming buildings is enough to recharge.

Whether visiting the place in the morning or after sunset, the bay reserves its classy and luxurious atmosphere, always leaving its visitor with a dazzling experience.

To sum it up, Zaitunay Bay exceeds all expectations and goes beyond the national borders, polishing Lebanon’s image, enabling it to secure its top position as a touristic, exclusive, and luxurious destination, and rivaling the best the world has to offer.