Mar Mikhael


Lying north and south of Charles Helou Street, and northeast of the city of Beirut, Mar Mikhael is a fashionable neighborhood in the Medawar district of Beirut and one of the most notorious places in the capital named after the Catholic Church of St. Michael. Quiet and arty during the day and lively and vibrant during the night, the neighborhood boasts a lot of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, bakeries and trendy boutiques and shops.

Upon arriving at their destination during the day, tourists cannot but notice the famous colorful steps featured by Vogue Magazine among the nine most creative staircases around the world. Some of these staircases connect Mar Mikhael to “Jeitawi”, thus adding to the livelihood of the district.

At night, Mar Mikhael is like a breath of fresh air for nightlife lovers: its bars and pubs suit whatever mood they’re in. Whether they want a calm chill pub, a vivid night club, or even a friendly place, Mar Mikhael has the whole shebang!

At the end of their day, tourists will have an unforgettable experience never lived anywhere else in the world, since Mar Mikhael has a great vibe that is so unique that gets them addicted.